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Lanier texted me yesterday: Double digits. (sad-face, broken heart emoji)

me: What??? (Fearing GH’s stats had suddenly gone into the toilet. Was our first podcast attempt¬†that bad?)

Lanier: December 10.

Oh, that. Yes. The month goes by way too fast for our liking.

me: I know. I need to cut back on sleeping…

How these glad and golden hours fly so quickly! Lord, multiply the time…

I’m not on the Internet much these days–with the exception of blogging for Golden Hours, which has been a blast. But there are some lovely spots out there on the WWW, and we’d be remiss not to share them with you. (Warning: Clothes ahead.)

~ Another reason to celebrate! Golden Hours is on Pinterest, where you can get a quick fix of pretty. I’ve been quietly curating the festive and fancy for a couple weeks. (Lanier’s still a stranger to Pinterest. Weird, right?) Notice the “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel” board has the most pins. What can I say? I have a soft spot for fashion.


~ Speaking of clothes: My secret weapon. Anyone who knows me knows I dress with a definite vintage-y vibe. My go-to source for clothes is Modcloth, online shopping that features cute clothes and accessories at relatively affordable prices. Modcloth has a generous return and exchange policy, and you can read an item’s customer reviews to get a sense of sizing. I’ve found the quality to be consistently good. Not everything on the site is my cup of tea (can you say s’more-shaped slippers?), but there’s a whole lot of lovely here. Here are a few of my recent picks (yes, I have a shoe problem!):

golden shoes for golden hours
elf shoes

~ I only follow a few fashion blogs, but Gal Meets Glam has been one of my holiday-time favorites. I appreciate Julia’s classic styling–and I adore the shots of her house in Charleston. As for her philosophy about Getting Dressed– even to sit at home and blog? Amen.

red, please
porch envy

~ Lanier and I, along with a few beloved friends, have read our share of dusty (in a good way) old books. Last month, the Ladies Literary Society (LLS for short) celebrated its fifteenth anniversary (that’s fifteen years!), making us nostalgic for stories the group has shared. One of the most dear is Mrs. Miniver. In this collection of World War II-era essays, thoroughly British Jan Struther writes of “eternity framed in domesticity,” one of my favorite lines in All the Books–and one I think of often at this time of year. Each of Struther’s vignettes offers insight and gentle humor. (If you haven’t seen it, do watch the movie¬†loosely based on the book, starring Greer Garson.) Here is a Christmasy gem, “Mrs. Miniver Makes A List,” you can read online.

Greer Garson as Mrs. Miniver
Mrs. Boggs makes a list

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