Christmastime in Oxfordtown

Lanier’s note: I asked the lovely Sarah (Clarkson) Fink-Jensen if she would give us a peek into her life in Oxford, England at Christmastime–I’m sure you’ll be as delighted with her response as I was! Happy Christmas, friends! And thank you, Sarah, for this day of ‘postcard wonders!’ The mornings are sleepy these days in… Continue Reading Christmastime in Oxfordtown

Lanier’s Gingerbread Caramels

Candy-making is one of the time-honored arts of an old-fashioned Christmas–the very notion conjures visions of nineteenth-century kitchens and copper pots and paper cornucopias stuffed with homemade treats. I’ve always been enchanted by the whole idea, if not a little intimidated. But it just would not be Christmas for me without that bubbling pot of… Continue Reading Lanier’s Gingerbread Caramels

A Catch As Catch Can Christmas

note from Laura: Hi, lovelies. Some shameless favor asking today. A version of this piece appeared on The Mighty last night. If you’re not familiar, The Mighty is sort of like the Huffington Post but with a positive spin–its tagline is “We face disability, disease and mental illness together.” If you’re so inclined, would you… Continue Reading A Catch As Catch Can Christmas

The Coming of the Light

Lanier’s note: This piece was written by Heidi Johnston, my dear friend in Northern Ireland. In addition to teaching a class at Belfast Bible College on the Poetic and Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament, she is a regular conference speaker, Bible study leader, and contributor at The Rabbit Room. She is also the author… Continue Reading The Coming of the Light

Advent: In Mara’s House

Lanier’s note: Sarah (Clarkson) Fink-Jensen is not only one of the finest writers I know–she’s also a very dear friend. Recently married, and living in Oxford, England, Sarah is the author of several wonderful books, including the acclaimed The Lifegiving Home, co-authored with her mother, Sally. Sarah also writes for The Rabbit Room, and on… Continue Reading Advent: In Mara’s House

On Crying After a Party, Chocolate Peppermint Cake, and Lovely Links (With Lanier’s Advent Poem!)

I’m hiding in my room today, thanks to a wicked case of poison ivy made worse when I “eat fire,” Luke’s word for where I sit when I’m in the den–so close to the hissing flames my back turns bright crimson and I thirst for a gallon of water. Back here, propped up against a… Continue Reading On Crying After a Party, Chocolate Peppermint Cake, and Lovely Links (With Lanier’s Advent Poem!)

A Cup O’ Kindness

Lanier’s note: I met Brian Brown back in October at Hutchmoot–which is one of the few places on earth, I imagine, where you find yourself talking about incarnational theology and Prohibition-throwback speakeasys in one conversation. We’re honored to to feature a couple of his famous festive libations today! Last Saturday, my family threw its annual… Continue Reading A Cup O’ Kindness

This Rush of Wings Afar

I had been looking for them for weeks, from the first real shock of cold weather in early November, expecting at any moment to be brought up short in the midst of a day’s round by the sound that is at once the most wistful and the most exhilarating I have heard in nature. To… Continue Reading This Rush of Wings Afar

Christmas in Connecticut (And My Wonderful, Lying Parents)

Note: The following post is not suitable for children under the age of—well, for kids from 1 to 92. Parents, be warned… I’ve called Georgia home for twenty-two years—ever since I married the boy who went northward to steal me down South. I’m a recovering Yankee—I like the South, and I do a mean impression… Continue Reading Christmas in Connecticut (And My Wonderful, Lying Parents)

Saint Lucy’s Light

It’s been a beautiful Saint Lucia Day, and just my kind of happy: I’ve been in the kitchen since early morning, baking cookies and wrapping homemade caramels for Christmas gifts, accompanied by various cats vying for the chairs closest to the fire and an Australian shepherd only too willing to clear up the bits of… Continue Reading Saint Lucy’s Light

Best Christmas Album Ever: “A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra”

Happy Birthday, Frank Sinatra! Born December 12, 1915, the greatest interpreter of modern popular song and arguably the greatest entertainer of the 20th century would’ve turned 101 today. Sinatra, who passed away in 1998, left behind an immense and peerless body of recordings, stretching from the late 1930s to the early 1990s. And his estate… Continue Reading Best Christmas Album Ever: “A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra”

A Golden Summer Advent

Lanier’s note: Twenty years ago, my best friend Rachel married an Australian and moved 10,000 miles away to that breathtaking Great Southland down under (which she affectionately refers to as “Oz”). In the years since, Rachel and her husband have raised a lively, intelligent and imaginative flock of children, all with a strong sense of… Continue Reading A Golden Summer Advent


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