Advent Meditations ~ 1

December 26th of 2003 found me rather blue. I’ve never done well with Christmas Day being over, and it was too early in our now long-standing practice of observing the twelve full days of Christmas for it to seem “real” yet. The rest of the world had moved on, and I felt very solitary in… Continue Reading Advent Meditations ~ 1

Bringing in the Greens

I just love this weekend—it’s so delightfully tangled with the remnants of Thanksgiving and the beginnings of Advent. Gratitude, tradition, anticipation and longing all have their place in these shifting days wherein pumpkins and Christmas trees meet each other in passing and late autumn dusk gives way to twinkle lights. We celebrated Ivester Thanksgiving on… Continue Reading Bringing in the Greens

An Advent Prayer

Every year on the first Sunday in Advent I pull a tattered scrap of paper from last year’s Christmas folder and tape it between my kitchen windows–the one place in all the house where I know I will see something every single day. Perhaps eventually I’ll get around to having this prayer made into a… Continue Reading An Advent Prayer

In Readiness

We won’t bring our tree home until Sunday–an excursion in which our Australian shepherd, Bonnie, is an invaluable member, and which generally includes the once-a-year fuel-up at Waffle House (followed by a gingerbread latte from Starbucks for me). But that doesn’t mean that the holiday spirit isn’t already stirring in Ruff House. I’ve been bustling… Continue Reading In Readiness

Dear Laura – November 21, 2016

Dear Laura, It’s 4:20 on Monday afternoon, and I’ve got a day’s worth of housework behind me. I’ve been looking at every task with new eyes: I didn’t just give the fridge its cursory weekly purge—I took everything out and wiped down the shelves. Then I cleaned out the pantry, and the freezers upstairs and… Continue Reading Dear Laura – November 21, 2016

Meet Laura

I met Laura Boggs when Philip and I were engaged. Our husbands’ parents have been friends since before either of them were born, and, in marrying Philip, I quickly realized something rare and important and very beautiful: I hadn’t just become an Ivester—I’d been ushered into the warm, lively, committed circle of the Boggs family,… Continue Reading Meet Laura