This Rush of Wings Afar

I had been looking for them for weeks, from the first real shock of cold weather in early November, expecting at any moment to be brought up short in the midst of a day’s round by the sound that is at once the most wistful and the most exhilarating I have heard in nature. To… Continue Reading This Rush of Wings Afar

Christmas in Connecticut (And My Wonderful, Lying Parents)

Note: The following post is not suitable for children under the age of—well, for kids from 1 to 92. Parents, be warned… I’ve called Georgia home for twenty-two years—ever since I married the boy who went northward to steal me down South. I’m a recovering Yankee—I like the South, and I do a mean impression… Continue Reading Christmas in Connecticut (And My Wonderful, Lying Parents)

Saint Lucy’s Light

It’s been a beautiful Saint Lucia Day, and just my kind of happy: I’ve been in the kitchen since early morning, baking cookies and wrapping homemade caramels for Christmas gifts, accompanied by various cats vying for the chairs closest to the fire and an Australian shepherd only too willing to clear up the bits of… Continue Reading Saint Lucy’s Light

Best Christmas Album Ever: “A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra”

Happy Birthday, Frank Sinatra! Born December 12, 1915, the greatest interpreter of modern popular song and arguably the greatest entertainer of the 20th century would’ve turned 101 today. Sinatra, who passed away in 1998, left behind an immense and peerless body of recordings, stretching from the late 1930s to the early 1990s. And his estate… Continue Reading Best Christmas Album Ever: “A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra”

A Golden Summer Advent

Lanier’s note: Twenty years ago, my best friend Rachel married an Australian and moved 10,000 miles away to that breathtaking Great Southland down under (which she affectionately refers to as “Oz”). In the years since, Rachel and her husband have raised a lively, intelligent and imaginative flock of children, all with a strong sense of… Continue Reading A Golden Summer Advent

Lovely Links~Weekly Round-Up

Lanier texted me yesterday: Double digits. (sad-face, broken heart emoji) me: What??? (Fearing GH’s stats had suddenly gone into the toilet. Was our first podcast attempt that bad?) Lanier: December 10. Oh, that. Yes. The month goes by way too fast for our liking. me: I know. I need to cut back on sleeping… How these… Continue Reading Lovely Links~Weekly Round-Up

Laura’s Christmas “Rules”

I hate the word: rules. I’ve lived decades as a to-the-letter rule follower, bending over backward to please others and seeking to satisfy my own stringent standards. But—phew!— somewhere around birthday number forty I began to want to *defenestrate anything that smells like a rule. This happens when we get older—I breathe easier now and seek… Continue Reading Laura’s Christmas “Rules”

Christmas in the Deeep South

Laura’s note: We’re honored to bring you a post by our friend and expat, Charles McNair, who tells of Christmas in Colombia–and tells it darn well. Charles is an acclaimed (Pulitzer-nominated!) two-time novelist (if you haven’t read Land O’Goshen or Pickett’s Charge, I’m jealous–you’re in for a treat) and continues to write full-time for his… Continue Reading Christmas in the Deeep South

We have a winner!

It is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the drawing for a copy of Phyllis Tickle’s What the Heart Already Knows is Julie Morgan! Julie, if you will send me your mailing address via the secure Contact form, I will dispatch this wonderful book without delay! Thank you all for your warm response… Continue Reading We have a winner!

Advent Tea … and a podcast!

For twelve years, Laura and I have been getting together in early December to celebrate our excitement in the unfolding season—and to remind each other of our highest ideals in the midst of manifold opportunities to over-do. From the beginning we’ve called it our Advent Tea, and though the location changes from house to house,… Continue Reading Advent Tea … and a podcast!

Let Every Heart

My tree is up! Around here, we mark tree-trimming day with great celebration. (One must make a big to-do where one can.) Before we attacked the unsuspecting Fraser fir standing in our den, the five of us kicked off a rainy weekend morning with a leisurely breakfast, followed by reading out loud from God With… Continue Reading Let Every Heart

Advent Meditations ~ 1

December 26th of 2003 found me rather blue. I’ve never done well with Christmas Day being over, and it was too early in our now long-standing practice of observing the twelve full days of Christmas for it to seem “real” yet. The rest of the world had moved on, and I felt very solitary in… Continue Reading Advent Meditations ~ 1

Oh Tannenbaum!

Lanier’s note: Luke Boggs is not only a talented corporate speech writer, he’s married to our own dear Laura. Here’s a piece he wrote (and the Georgia Public Radio broadcast of it!) on the joys of the manly side of putting up the Christmas tree. Enjoy!    Oh Tannenbaum! A Regular Guy’s Guide to Handling… Continue Reading Oh Tannenbaum!