Daddy’s Daddy’s Southern Eggnog

For me, Christmas week is all about alternating between ‘pajama days’ and days with family and friends. After a full year–and a busy season of preparation for the year’s crown of Christmastide–a goodly dose of indolence and enjoyment during these blessed Twelve Days is a gift I’ve learned to give myself. I especially love this… Continue Reading Daddy’s Daddy’s Southern Eggnog

Christmas Stories to Read Out Loud–And a Mulled Cider Recipe

Writing for Golden Hours has been pure gift for Lanier and me—and we’re not finished yet. In fact, I have a notion that during these days after the twenty-fifth, continued ruminating and reminiscing will be just what the doctor ordered. Lanier excels at keeping the twelve days—I don’t do as well. I start to get… Continue Reading Christmas Stories to Read Out Loud–And a Mulled Cider Recipe

The Light Shineth

I wrote this piece a few years ago, and while my heart is pierced by a loss I didn’t see coming at the time, I’m also struck by the fact that, amid a sea of changes, some things remain blessedly the same. A sweet second day of Christmas to you all! It’s been a day… Continue Reading The Light Shineth

Christmastime in Oxfordtown

Lanier’s note: I asked the lovely Sarah (Clarkson) Fink-Jensen if she would give us a peek into her life in Oxford, England at Christmastime–I’m sure you’ll be as delighted with her response as I was! Happy Christmas, friends! And thank you, Sarah, for this day of ‘postcard wonders!’ The mornings are sleepy these days in… Continue Reading Christmastime in Oxfordtown

Lanier’s Gingerbread Caramels

Candy-making is one of the time-honored arts of an old-fashioned Christmas–the very notion conjures visions of nineteenth-century kitchens and copper pots and paper cornucopias stuffed with homemade treats. I’ve always been enchanted by the whole idea, if not a little intimidated. But it just would not be Christmas for me without that bubbling pot of… Continue Reading Lanier’s Gingerbread Caramels

A Catch As Catch Can Christmas

note from Laura: Hi, lovelies. Some shameless favor asking today. A version of this piece appeared on The Mighty last night. If you’re not familiar, The Mighty is sort of like the Huffington Post but with a positive spin–its tagline is “We face disability, disease and mental illness together.” If you’re so inclined, would you… Continue Reading A Catch As Catch Can Christmas

The Coming of the Light

Lanier’s note: This piece was written by Heidi Johnston, my dear friend in Northern Ireland. In addition to teaching a class at Belfast Bible College on the Poetic and Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament, she is a regular conference speaker, Bible study leader, and contributor at The Rabbit Room. She is also the author… Continue Reading The Coming of the Light

Advent: In Mara’s House

Lanier’s note: Sarah (Clarkson) Fink-Jensen is not only one of the finest writers I know–she’s also a very dear friend. Recently married, and living in Oxford, England, Sarah is the author of several wonderful books, including the acclaimed The Lifegiving Home, co-authored with her mother, Sally. Sarah also writes for The Rabbit Room, and on… Continue Reading Advent: In Mara’s House

On Crying After a Party, Chocolate Peppermint Cake, and Lovely Links (With Lanier’s Advent Poem!)

I’m hiding in my room today, thanks to a wicked case of poison ivy made worse when I “eat fire,” Luke’s word for where I sit when I’m in the den–so close to the hissing flames my back turns bright crimson and I thirst for a gallon of water. Back here, propped up against a… Continue Reading On Crying After a Party, Chocolate Peppermint Cake, and Lovely Links (With Lanier’s Advent Poem!)

A Cup O’ Kindness

Lanier’s note: I met Brian Brown back in October at Hutchmoot–which is one of the few places on earth, I imagine, where you find yourself talking about incarnational theology and Prohibition-throwback speakeasys in one conversation. We’re honored to to feature a couple of his famous festive libations today! Last Saturday, my family threw its annual… Continue Reading A Cup O’ Kindness